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Conor goes canvassing with Hildegarde

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Conor goes canvassing with Hildegarde: Autism power! Hildegarde Naughton at work For anyone that knows Val and I, they will know we place huge importance on making sure our boys stay active in the community and understand the importance of giving back. And where best can anyone do this, than to participate [...]

Autism conquers ocean racing

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Conor takes on the sea: autism conquers ocean racing! As many of you know, Conor and his sailing team had been busy preparing for another major sports challenge: To be the first Aphasic autistic adult to helm a racing cruiser in a major ocean race. This endeavor has been followed by several blogs written [...]

Autism no limits, Conor takes on Galway Bay

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For those who are regular readers of my blogs, speaking about the abilities of autistic children is a common theme. And in many of these blogs you will see sport pop up frequently particularly as we head into the summer months, as we are now. These blogs cover a host of outdoor (and some [...]

Opportunities in autism

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Opportunity comes in strange places Many people today ask me how I knew the boys were intelligent as toddlers. I remember back in those early days when the only difference between the boys’ assessments were the degree of how bad it was going to be. And by this time in my career, I had spent over [...]

Audiology and your first visit

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Good hearing makes life easier. You can hear what's going on around you (Whoa! It sounds like a truck's about to come around that corner!). You also can hear what other people are saying and hear what you're saying. That's important because then you know your words are coming out clearly, so others can [...]

Managing Children’s Behavior in Public: 5 Strategies that work!

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Managing children’s behavior in public is a timeless struggle for parents. Having a child throw a major temper tantrum or act out in a public place, like Wal-Mart or Chili’s, is a horrifying event that most parents experience at least once, if not repeatedly with preschool and elementary children. It does not have to [...]

Managing behaviors and the token economy

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Once we got the boys communicating through our work with Disney videos, we needed to get their behavior under control. A wonderful therapist who worked largely with the deaf community recommended a token economy. It saved our lives! Here are some of the basics..... Token Economy "One of the most important technologies of behaviour [...]

The Power of Sound: A Therapy Worth Listening To?

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The Power of Sound: A Therapy Worth Listening To?  Auditory and language processing deficits can be multi-faceted and complex, and knowing where to turn to help a child with these challenges can be overwhelming for parents. Sound or listening therapies might be helpful for some children, and in fact, anecdotal evidence abounds of children [...]