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Is your child not talking?

We taught our Autistic
kids to Speak…

Every day Enda and Val Dodd guide parents of autistic children. We help families understand the best treatments and products to help their kids learn to speak and grow.

Scroll down to our four-step guide for parents.

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We were not prepared to accept our
son’s had any limits on what they could achieve

Let us advise you on the next steps for your child and family

We can help you and your child communicate.

We are sharing our experience with other parents so that all Autistic children can learn to communicate and succeed.

I have never met anyone who has re-conceptualized language learning in the way Enda and his team has.

This is something I have always thought could be possible, it is wonderful seeing this research come to life!

The Disney approach has been extraordinary particularly in the teaching of social and emotional language.

Prof. Ann Sullivan, Magnolia Speech Therapy School