Conor takes on the sea: autism conquers ocean racing!

As many of you know, Conor and his sailing team had been busy preparing for another major sports challenge: To be the first Aphasic autistic adult to helm a racing cruiser in a major ocean race. This endeavor has been followed by several blogs written over the last 18 months, chronicling the path to the 2019 WIORA (West of Ireland, offshore racing association) regatta in Foynes, County Limerick of the west coast of Ireland.

So to cut to the chase – Conor did complete the regatta in the most extraordinary way. But as with all human endeavors its not simply the end that matters, but the journey that makes this achievement so special to Val and I. To make it all happen through the support of the community that surrounds us, ordinary people like Val and I who believe in what we are doing for the boys. To allow children once considered so completely disabled to rise above society’s expectations.

All this and more in Conor’s video below!