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Just because your child is not talking,
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Read about our emergence from Autism

Conor and Eoin were not speaking so they needed speech therapy, right? Well, not exactly. As time went on we discovered that the reasons our sons were not speaking had a myriad of causes. These conditions can exist alone, or in our case together.

We started to become aware of each separate problem, and we realized that we needed to understand and treat all the issues preventing speech and language. Much like joining links in a chain.

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Ultimately we discovered the boys were suffering from several issues which affected all of the primary language centers in the brain. This lead to a dismal future prognosis, of our boys not talking. Below are a series posts that we have written that speak about what made our journey possible and our children successful.

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Enda, Val, Conor and Eoin. The Dodds are helping kids around the world, learn to speak.

Diagnosing your child

Diagnosing speech and language delays and disorders

Treating your child

Therapies for autism, speech and language delays

Finding a school

Autism, speech and language disorders: selecting a school

Parenting your child

Autism and parenting at home

Our speech and language success has had much to do with a wonderful team of teachers,
speech therapists and behaviorists

We can help you and your child communicate.

We are sharing our experience with other parents so that all Autistic children can learn to communicate and succeed.

I have never met anyone who has re-conceptualized language learning in the way Enda and his team has.

This is something I have always thought could be possible, it is wonderful seeing this research come to life!

The Disney approach has been extraordinary particularly in the teaching of social and emotional language.

Prof. Ann Sullivan, Magnolia Speech Therapy School