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Is your child not talking?

We taught our Autistic
kids to Speak…

How we grew speech and language through disney movies

Enda and Val, world leaders in the parenting of special needs children talk about their experiences and that of children they have worked with. 

Your path through autism…..

For those who know our family around the world, they will tell you that we invest great energy in understanding communication. We believe and live a life immersed in and enriched by this understanding. We are one of those families you might read about in a blog on the subject, but with a difference. We are a family who have faced great adversity and ultimately succeeded despite the odds.

This website relates how we overcame a diagnosis of severe autism where our twin sons would never learn to communicate. How we transcended this diagnosis through listening to our children and acting on what we could see. And mostly, why all this matters to parents around the world. Enda & Val. 

Want to work directly with Enda and Val on your child’s needs

Our speech and language success has had much to do with a wonderful team of teachers, speech therapists, and behaviorists

We can help you and your child communicate.

We are sharing our experience with other parents so that all Autistic children can learn to communicate and succeed.

I have never met anyone who has re-conceptualized language learning in the way Enda and his team has.

This is something I have always thought could be possible, it is wonderful seeing this research come to life!

The Disney approach has been extraordinary particularly in the teaching of social and emotional language.

Prof. Ann Sullivan, Magnolia Speech Therapy School